Redbridge International Acadeemy



Through reflective learning and collaboratively working we have established the ICSE teaching methods.


Conceptualisation and enquiry-based model is the key to teaching the IGCSE curriculum.


Nurturing students to be empowered through inquiring, active learning and experimental methods.


Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational experience.


The pre-primary curriculum at Redbridge International Academy provides a well-planned pedagogical approach to children at a young age, which is maintained and reinforced each year.

Pre-primary education is crucial for laying the groundwork for a child’s social, emotional, and overall well-being to attain their full potential. The pre-primary educational program at Redbridge International Academy helps students to build a lifelong attitude of being learners through observation, using creativity, exploring their talents, and gaining knowledge over just being scorers.

The pre-primary curriculum includes everyday activities that lay the groundwork for all future learning and allow students to safely explore their surroundings. Working with students from all over the world exposes students to new cultures and places them ahead of their contemporaries at other schools.

Children can uncover their talents to feel, act, question, reflect, and imagine through art, music, theatre, and gross motor skills exercises. Teachers at Redbridge International Academy engage with children, frequently together, to boost their confidence and encourage young minds to see what they are capable of. Speaking, reading, and writing are taught through advanced techniques that encourage imagination and comprehension rather than memorisation.

Students develop a strong sense of resourcefulness and independence, thanks to their blossoming knowledge, greater confidence and self-esteem.

On our campus, we also hold regular outdoor classes for pupils. We encourage students to get involved in organic farming and animal husbandry which they truly relish. Our goal is to assist kids in developing an emotional connection to academics and the outdoors. We accomplish this through hands-on, outdoor activities that bring the classroom to life. 


Redbridge International Academy’s teachers are well-versed in child development to understand children’s behaviour. They have reasonable expectations from children. They develop tasks for them and organise learning activities while keeping the appropriate levels of difficulty in mind to assess their interests appropriately and understand individual differences, the generality and the uniqueness of children’s development.

Why RedBridge


Like Jess Liar once rightly said, “Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.”


While preserving a focus on key disciplines such as mathematics, language, science, and literature.


Redbridge International Academy for having an exceptional infrastructure, a vast and well-maintained campus and several other areas.


We are constantly looking for ways to develop and upgrade digitally to be technologically updated.


Being creative might be viewed as the pinnacle of educational attainment.


Redbridge International Academy, interdisciplinary education connects multiple disciplines by focusing on a similar theme, challenge to solve, issue, topic, or method.