Redbridge International Acadeemy



Redbridge International Academy is designed for students to enjoy their school years happily as they walk in with pride on an 18-acre campus. The natural surroundings are maintained to brighten the students’ mood, and the fresh and pure air attributed to the flora improves the health and concentration of children as they remain refreshed every day.

Redbridge International Academy has been named one of the top 25 ICSE schools in all of the state of Karnataka by ‘Brainfeed Magazine.’ In 2016, accredited Redbridge International Academy for the best infrastructure as an International school.


Let’s take a walkthrough:


Meeting International standards, Redbridge International Academy has Science laboratories endowed with cutting-edge technology and equipment to facilitate the delivery of our well-rounded curriculum.

Robotics Laboratory:

Redbridge International Academy features an adaptable robotic lab where kids interested in STEM education can take classes based on the curriculum. Popular STEM Education is to advance students’ knowledge through hands-on activities and practical out-of-the-box learning.

Computer Laboratory:

Redbridge International Academy provides cutting-edge computer facilities with sophisticated and advanced software, allowing our students to keep up with the latest and most prevalent knowledge.

Arts & Creative Segment:

To stimulate every student’s creative side, we at Redbridge International Academy have encouraged students to learn pottery in pottery rooms. Art and spatial learning are inextricably intertwined. Promoting students to work on their imaginations increases their practical grasp of actual circumstances.

Dance Studio:

The little tots’ feet learn to sway to tunes in several styles and dance forms western, classical, modern, and more. Through the art form of dance, students acquire coordination, cognitive performance, and freedom of expression.

Drama Studio:

Redbridge International Academy makes provision for the student’s talent in drama. Under the magic of the focus lights, they learn to enact, express and experience new joys. The achievements have added value to the student’s portfolios, and students can continue to pursue the same for leisure or as a profession.

Music Chamber:

Instruments and Vocals At Redbridge International Academy, experienced mentors teach students vocal lessons and diverse musical instruments to unravel the many benefits of learning music.


Our Library is a hive of leisure reading activities serving as an inviting environment with spaces to curl up with a book, participate in a small group activity, and even study independently, with over 7,000 books to choose from.


Our Cafeteria is a spacious dining space serving numerous nutritious selections from multiple cuisines. A social hub space for kids to socialise with their classmates, our cafeteria is welcoming as the natural light permits views of the tree-lined landscape surrounding the school.

Organic Farming:

At Redbridge International Academy, students of all ages are encouraged to participate in organic agricultural practices, watch the yield production and study beneath the open sky giving them a sense of achievement and calmness in their minds. Natural resource conservation is encouraged because the school features a rainwater gathering system.


Our doctor on campus is Dr Manu Chaudhary, a recipient of the honorary Early Career Award and with many medals of Distinction in Pediatrics, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, and Ophthalmology, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and is the only USA trained (3 years), Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician in Karnataka, and among the few in the country. Redbridge International Academy has a full-fledged infirmary that facilitates the handling of minor injuries, allergies and illnesses. Rest and areas for recuperation are available for students.



Redbridge International Academy is proud to have an ergonomically designed auditorium to seat around 1000 people and sports a green room. Several in-house programs cause the walls to resonate with the various celebrations, laughter and rejoicing, buzzing activities and more in the past decades.