Admissions are open throughout the year; however the admission policy favors completion of all procedures by 30th May of every academic year.

Admission Process

* Redbridge International Academy is open for admissions throughout the year. The admissions are open for grades Pre Nursery to Grade 12. Please fill the enquiry form for your child's admission and for further details email us to

* You can visit the campus for the admission form.

* Parents are welcome to walk into the school campus for admission although prior appointments are preferred.

Documents required for the admission process :

  • 01Copy of a birth certificate
  • 02Previous years and current year’s academic report cards
  • 03Original Transfer Certificate (for admission to grades 2 and above)
  • 04Proof of Address
  • 054 passport size photographs of the student.
  • 06Aadhaar Card of the student.
  • There would be an assessment process for children seeking admissions from Grade 1 onwards. Informal assessment/ discussion would be preferred for Kindergarten children. This would be conducted at the School premise. The date and time would have to be fixed by prior appointment.The subjects covered would be English, Math and Science.
  • Please call us +91-9620863456 for an appointment/campus visit.
  • Admissions is a prerogative of the School.