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Our School Transport Management System ensures the safety and security of children by getting the real time information of the school vehicles.

Redbridge School Transport Management System deals with major concerns like optimize usage of the school buses, safety of children, long waiting hours, and driving pattern. There are female attendants in each bus till the last drop point. All buses are fitted with speed governors and GPS tracking system. School Transport System also gives alert incase of harsh driving, over speed, breakdowns or accidents. It helps the school management know the number of students travelling in school bus to optimize the operation.

Redbridge uses the State of Art Bus Tracking, Information & Attendance system. Every parent can monitor and track the bus – in real time, on their mobiles, right from the time the bus leave the school, picks the child and returns to the school. The Parent can set their own geo-fence with regards to the arrival of the bus. The GPS system also has an inbuilt Attendance system in it. The moment the child swipes their NFC ID cards against the GPS, attendance is marked in the class. On the way back, the GPS will indicate the name & picture of the parent/guardian/attendant authorized to pick the child up. As soon as the child is dropped a log is created and a notification message is sent to the parent. This is to protect the children from being handed over to wrong or unauthorized personnel.

Redbridge takes utmost care in the safety and security of its children.