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Pastoral Care

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The Pastoral Policy is designed to help students attain academic excellence, sensitize them to the environment around them which includes the community, and more significantly - cope with various emotional experiences. Pastoral Care is extended to both week boarders and regular boarders, with both faculty and counselors involved in mentoring and supporting the students. Mentoring is available full time, for all - Junior, Middle and Senior Grades of students.


The Grade Teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline in their respective grades while the Counselors play a significant part in the emotional and psychological well-being of the students. The Counselors also act as mentors to the teachers and guide them on classroom discipline and in understanding the emotional and psychological needs of students.


Students and Faculty at Redbridge International Academy are divided into 4 Houses: Aquas, Aeris, Ignis and Terra. Each House is headed by a Housemaster / Housemistress who is responsible for implementation of the Pastoral system for the respective House. Every teacher is also a Tutor in a house, and apart from classroom instruction, is also responsible for a group of students.

The Tutor will be the first point of contact for parents and teachers for any concerns related to a student. The tutor interacts with his/her students every morning, takes attendance, checks their grooming, meets them for lunch and meets them for an hour every week, which is part of the weekly routine. This time is used to enquire about their well being, academic performance, extra-curricular activities and any other emotional concern. Resident tutors will have additional responsibility with regard to the boarders, in terms of study-hour supervision, academic support, evening sports, meal supervision and weekend activities. The Principal is responsible for the overall implementation of the Pastoral System.


Redbridge International Academy provides holistic education ensuring excellence, and providing for the all round development of students. The environment in the school motivates and inspires students to discover more about the world around them, both in the 'community' and in a larger, global context. This requires a high degree of self discipline, which must be instilled at a young age. Redbridge has instituted a 'Code of Conduct' with clearly defined parameters, which stimulates students to assume a responsible role in the boarding community. This requires them to be sensitive to each other’s customs and cultural values, which helps foster mutual respect among the students.