Redbridge International Acadeemy


Mr. Christopher Anthony Browne
M.A., B.Sc., B.Ed. Principal

Redbridge International Academy has been a community of like-minded people who have brought it to its current level of success. The academy’s pillars have worked relentlessly to ensure that all students enjoy a transformative experience at Redbridge International Academy. 

For all of this, we are immensely thankful to our dear principal for constant guidance and eagle-eyed oversight.

Mr Browne has envisioned and worked towards understanding parents’ hopes, students’ aspirations, and the vital role of the school in shaping children’s futures. He is a firm believer in quality education and the holistic development of our student group. His aim is for parents to be satisfied and content with the level of wholesome education provided here. With his aptitude, devotion, and counselling skills, he wishes to bring out the best in each student in line with their interests.

Mr Christopher Browne has spent more than four decades contributing to the field of education. He was an esteemed member of the National Council for Educational Research and Training’s (NCERT) Executive Committee, the Standing Committee and Awarding Committee of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations in New Delhi. 

Learn more about his traits, Mr Browne is a proficient guitarist, vocalist, and harmonica player. In 1976, he recognised a higher calling and began his profession as a full-time teacher at the prominent and renowned residential educational school, Barnes School in Devlali, Nasik District, Maharashtra.

In 1980, he chose to be a part of the well-known co-educational day school, The Frank Anthony Public School, Ulsoor, Bangalore. As he excelled each year, there was no turning back. 

Mr Browne rose quickly through the ranks of the field of education to become one of Bangalore’s youngest principals. In 1991, he was named Headmaster, and in 1994, he became Principal. The famed Frank Anthony School functioned under his leadership as a principal for fifteen years before coming to Redbridge International Academy.

Mr Browne always encouraged his students to pursue their dreams. Many of them have become highly decorated officers and earned national and international accolades in their fields of endeavour under his care and leadership.

Mr Browne has often expressed to his students,” Being a part of your lives and seeing you grow into hardworking, creative, and successful individuals brings me a sense of accomplishment, and it’s also a huge honour and privilege. Redbridge International Academy will always be there to help and advise you as you develop the ability to use information and skills to shape the future you desire and deserve. Set high standards for yourself, your objectives and goals, be responsible for your deeds and feel the need to contribute to the world around you.”

During his teaching career, he has been a favourite among students for teaching Mathematics, Physics and Computer Studies and the distinction of presenting the first batch of Computer Studies students for the ICSE Examinations in the late 1980s. He was also an ICSE examiner in Physics for several years.

He has also shouldered several other crucial responsibilities on behalf of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CICSE), New Delhi.

Convener for the ICSE and ISC Examinations for the Bangalore Centre’s Inspector for Schools seeking affiliation to the CICSE, New Delhi for the introduction of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE – 10) and the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC-12) Member of the Council’s Standing Committee on Examinations and Member of the Council’s Awarding Committee.

In addition, he has served on the boards of directors of schools in India and the United Kingdom.

He recognises and values the fact that only through the holistic development of students can we establish and sustain a learning culture that believes in change via education. A culture in which we can generate well-rounded, competent, confident, intellectual, open-minded, and compassionate persons who will effectively contribute to society and play a constructive and responsible role in contributing to the Nation’s progress in a changing globalised world.