Redbridge Webinar On

Social media platforms and children’s interface; pitfalls and frauds to beware

DATE : 3 July Saturday

TIME : 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Virtual is the new Normal now !

The Internet has become a highly dynamic medium for young millennials at impressionable age… not only adolescents but even 3 year olds! . It has set a new cultural paradigm, from social media platforms to games to interactions , meetings & entertainment.

Social Media is all pervasive in our houses now , with its positive as well as addictive & negative impacts.

This Redbridge International Academy, webinar for both parents and children , will discuss :

  • Various Social Media Platforms

  • The impact on kids & adolescents

  • Common Frauds & pitfalls & how to beware

Let's be a safe, sensible social media user & parent !

Devang Dave

Since 12 Yrs in IT, ITES, Social Media, Branding, & Reputation Mgmt, is Founder of ‘Social Central Media Solutions’ Digital Marketing ;ED of NavaYuvak Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd, entrepreneurship edu ecosystem .

Member Govt’s Board on IT industry.

Key I/c of PM Modi’s Social Media presence.