Redbridge International Acadeemy


Inclusive Education

Inclusive education at Redbridge International Academy refers to how the institution’s facilities—including its classrooms, programmes, and extracurricular activities are designed to encourage collaboration among students.

Redbridge International Academy guarantees that all students have access to high-quality education by successfully addressing their various needs in a way that is responsive, welcoming, respectful, and encouraging. Students engage in the educational programme in a shared learning environment with support to lessen and remove barriers and challenges that could result in exclusion.

Redbridge International Academy is careful with the learning needs of all students by providing adequate levels of support and implementing student-centred teaching practices and principles.  

The majority of the student’s regular class hours are spent in a learning environment, which is an inclusive setting where instruction is delivered to students of different abilities and with their peer group in the community school while being responsive to their individual needs as learners. 

We aim to establish a welcoming environment, foster a sense of belonging, and ensure student progress toward appropriate personal, social, emotional, and academic goals.

Every person can develop and express themselves. Everyone has a right to access and opportunity. Equality requires access to the supports required to enable participation, as well as protection from any kind of prejudice or damage.