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Redbridge Webinar on COVID in children - Curiosity answered!

DATE : 11 June Friday

TIME : 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

There is considerable concern about the increase in the number of children testing positive for COVID – 19 during the second phase of the pandemic.

Parents are very anxious to understand; what SOP’s are to be followed, symptoms to look out for, vitals to be monitored, if a COVID test is recommended and whether the child should be treated at home or moved to a hospital?

The apprehension that the third wave may be worse for children because they have not been vaccinated, and the status of the development and rollout of vaccines for children, are all great concerns to very worried parents.

Webinar is open to all Parents & Grand parents of students of Pre- Nursery to 12th Std. !

Dr. Manu Chaudharyr


(Pediatrics, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics), Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist (American Board Certified)at Bengaluru.

Extern of Harvard Medical College & Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US. She is the only USA trained, Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician in Karnataka.