What is the Importance of Lower Teacher Student Ratio in Classrooms?

Recent studies highlight the importance of art and craft for children and the intellectual...


Earlier it used to be like 40-50 students in one class, this negatively affected quality of studies and their learning. But, today the scenario has changed completely and parents are paying attention to what is known as teacher student ratio. Is this ratio important? Let us find out.

Class Size and Teacher Student Ratio

Nowadays, the first thing parents inquire about is the class size since if the teacher student ratio is low then it will give students the scope to learn more in an environment where they will get the opportunity to interact with their teachers.

Some Benefits of Small Class Size Include:

  1. Faster Learning: Students get to learn more and this helps in facilitating faster learning.
  2. Completion of Course Material: Such faster learning results in rapid progression in completion of course material.
  3. Better Grades: Studies also highlight the fact that students in classes with smaller teacher student ratios usually achieve better grades.
  4. Individual Attention: Teachers are also to give students individual attention and understand their opinion.

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