The right and left hemispheres of the brain control various functions of body and mind.

Various subjects taught in schools affect and influence the left and right half of the brain, and this is shown below.


Traditionally, schools and colleges encourage left modes of learning more than right modes of learning. Scholastic subjects influencing left-brain bring out logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. These subjects include Math, Science, Language and Computer Science.

Subjects influencing right-brain bring out aesthetics, emotions and creativity. These subjects include Arts, Music, Sports, Theatre, Social Sciences, and Drama. Left brain users play safe, are logical and focus on the past and present, whereas right brain users are risk takers, imaginative and focus on the future.

Most people exhibit a combination of subject preferences for learning. Hence personality and thinking develop as a result of subjects taught in the right combination at school.

Subjects taught actually help a child think in a certain way, develop an attitude and unique personality. An imbalance may result if certain subjects are not taught in school or focus is limited to few subject areas.

As for instruction, teachers can increase their classroom’s right-brain learning activities by incorporating more patterning, metaphors, analogies, role-playing, visuals, play and movement into their reading with calculation and analytical activities. Educators must develop new forms of assessment that merit right-brained talent and promote a more accurate whole-brain centered evaluation of student learning.