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TESTIMONIALS/(Parents, Students, Staff)


Just want to thank you immensely for the amazing work your team has been doing as I can see Sathvik improving day by day in his academics and his level of confidence...yes he does at times say he wants to come back as he misses us and dubai but he is a very adjusting child...just waiting to see him get fitter as he really needs to lose some weight for health reasons. I can see that his marks are good and we are so proud of him....thanks to you mainly....much love ...Deepa

Deepa Swamy
Parent of Sathvik Swamy (Week Boarder) – Grade 8


I have my two children studying at Redbridge International Academy. They have adjusted very well in the new atmosphere due to the support and love of the staff. I am happy to see that they enjoy their time in school as they get to participate in various activities and look forward to being in school each day. Keep up the good work !

Anjan Choudhary
Parent of Shubham Choudhary (Grade 3) & Aadya Choudhary (Nursery)


Sanskriti is very happy with her school and healthy competition to excel is very evident. As parents we are very happy.

Buddesh.A kikani
Parent of Sanskriti B Kikani (Grade 4)


Congratulations for the successful completion of another academic year at Redbridge. We are proud to be associated with Redbridge as Daivya's first school.Daivya fondly remembers you, his teachers and all his classmates. Thank you very much for your blessings and support throughout. We checked his IEO test results online and we are proud that he secured first rank in school and fourth in state. It will be a great favour if his certificate, medal and prize gift can be send to our hometown in India, if its possible. As this will be his first state level achievement, we would love to preserve it. He could not have achieved this without your encouragement and belief in him.

Shardul & Amee Thaker
Parents of Daivya(Grade 1)


Shreya has improved a lot in spoken English, writing skill and color skill.

Parent of Shreya Girish (Pre Nursery)


We are very happy with our child’s progress and the support he receives at school. Thanks!

Nishita Gogoi
Parent of Deeptanshu Banik (Grade 4)


We are very happy with our child’s progress and the support he receives at school. Thanks!

Debashish Banik
Parent of Deeptanshu Banik(Grade 4)


We are extremely happy with the programs conducted and the way he is shaping up. Thank you so much!

Upasana Dhar
Parent of Divyanshu Banik(Preparatory)


We are very happy with our son’s academics and personal development.

Sudhir Rajan
Parent of Ronak Rajan(Grade 2)


I am glad to see the development of my child under the school’s care and the performance he is delivering.

Grace Daniel
Parent of Ethan Daniel (Nursery)



My name is Pranav and I study in Grade-7. I used to think of school as a really boring place that I had to force myself to go to. But Redbridge has made me change my opinion. Here at Redbridge, learning is actually more fun than I expected! I love the fact that we explore new concepts thoroughly and use a question and answer mode over rote.

It also helps that our campus is large and green; the teachers are kind and friendly, and the food is absolutely delicious! The teachers here don’t overload us with a lot of homework and never hesitate to explain a concept if we don’t understand it. They help us in our projects and even provide us with the material needed. The P.E period is also great fun. Redbridge is the best!

Pranav Premkumar
Grade 7


I am a proud Rbian. I joined RedBridge International Academy this year and have already getting into the enthusiastic atmosphere here. We have a great school with great teachers and some amazing students. The teaching methods here are so innovative that we are able to get a practical understanding of some very theoretical topics. The interactive smart boards make learning a very enriching experience. I get to learn arts, music, sports and get to participate in lots of extra curricular activities. The teachers encourage us a lot and are very supportive and caring. I look forward to being in school everyday. I love my school.

Shreya Acharya
Grade 8



Every child is A ‘Unique Child’, a competent learner from birth, who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Redbridge is an institution which makes a remarkable difference in every child by offering total commitment of social responsibility through the whole process of early childhood development. Redbridge is one of the best schools with an awesome infrastructure for a child’s first experience of schooling, catering to the details, beginning from a child’s safety, to, classrooms that combine an energy and foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child an equal opportunity to interact with teachers, assistants and fellow students.

At Redbridge, the Pre-Primary classrooms are vibrant and colourful which brings a sense of calmness yet joy and excitement in each child. The little ones are proud of their environment and eager to express their joy in learning. Parents appreciate the class presentations, assemblies and performances of their children which occur throughout the year. They can watch their child develop social and academic skills every day and take pleasure in knowing how well they are being nurtured and inspired.

We teach children to develop traits such as courage and perseverance, good judgment, integrity, kindness, respect, responsibility and discipline as well as things to boost their self-esteem. We understand that every parent has a heart of love that yearns for success for his or her child. The road to success is not easy and can only be possible if you teach your child good manners and demonstrate to them by example and by stressing the importance of education and dedication. The child’s roadmap starts with early childhood education, because "Children emulate what they experience and what they observe. Treat them with manners and they will emulate those in their own time."

Pre-Primary Academic Coordinator
Redbridge International Academy


Redbridge International Academy (RBIA) is a wonderful mission-driven, student focused school that provides exceptional educational, cultural, and social opportunities for students. As a truly inclusive school, RBIA embraces a culture that is welcoming to students, parents, faculty, and staff members.

When you first walk onto the campus, it is evident, the culture of caring and compassion that exists throughout RBIA. Our motivated students are actively engaged in learning and our caring teachers are dedicated to positively impacting student learning by using best practices, so that students will walk in a harmonious environment where care follows closely behind.

RBIA provides a myriad of opportunities for students in curricular and extracurricular activities. Our programs are structured to meet the differing needs of students in a safe environment where diversity is honored. Additionally, RBIA demonstrates a broad range of care with a dedicated staff, excellent educators, and supportive parents who work together to create an environment that supports our vision.

RBIA’s exceptional education, challenges each student to develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to become a highly successful, spirited, socially responsible global citizen.

Latha Shivalingam
Redbridge International Academy