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Life at Redbridge


At Redbridge International Academy, students are regularly encouraged to conduct research at elementary and complex levels. For this purpose, the school infrastructure and curriculum enables the active use of school laboratories, the library and activity rooms. Scholarly development at Redbridge refers to the development of academic knowledge and honing of creative expressions through performing arts, fine arts and sports.

To facilitate meaningful learning, opportunities are provided for students to participate in large and small group discussions, conduct research, practice and structure their own pace of learning through:

Group classroom teaching:

  • Time is spent on group teaching.
  • It includes story time, lecture demonstrations, group discussions, conceptual explanations and group goal setting.
  • The use of conventional modes of interaction encourages students to listen, observe and share their personal knowledge and development with their peers.
  • It also permits teachers and students to establish individual and group standards of performance and expectations.

Group activities and research:

  • Group learning time allows students to observe, read, research, experiment and discover the finer details of topics introduced in the group classroom. These opportunities are provided through worksheets in the classroom, laboratory time, library time, computer time and group discussion time.
  • Opportunities such as these provide platforms for students to actively participate in the process of learning and develop a sense of responsibility for their contribution to lesson completion.