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Campus Architecture

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Beginning a new chapter in the world of education, Redbridge International Academy is here to rewrite the principles that were once believed to be the foundation of quality education. Spread across a sprawling campus with lush green environs, the milieu of Redbridge has been designed keeping in mind little children. Because, good surroundings nurture little minds, just like flowers!

Step in and you’ll discover creativity in the air – open spaces, abstract designs, colourful walls, airy classrooms, open labs with virtual boards and cool surroundings.

Besides the educational system, the faculty is trained to ensure no stone is left unturned to make learning a fun process. Special recreation for kids, like wall-scribbling and cave exploration are a few things that help Redbridge stand out from the rest.

Simply put, it’s the place for your children if you want to add joy to their lives, all while learning!


Visualised as a "School for Learning" for children, teachers and parents, the physical space of Redbridge International Academy reflects beauty, thoughtfulness and interaction with the elements. For the children, it represents a place where a variety of modes are available for learning; a space where they feel a sense of belonging. Classrooms, libraries, laboratories and activity rooms are laid out in varying forms and design to inspire interaction and active participation.

Well-ventilated and well-lit, classrooms with large windows are designed for comfort in varying weather conditions. The positioning of the rooms allows for maximum flow of air through the corridors.Rain water harvesting, a solar power plant and a sewage treatment plant are proof of our undeniable love for the environment.

Open windows of interaction with nature are spread all over the Redbridge campus, across all classrooms. From the lush green gardens to the creation of the open courtyards, pathways and green spaces for each cluster of classes, the design of Redbridge is meant to evoke sensory and interactive experiences.

In acknowledgement of its architectural elegance that fosters Creativity, Development and Learning, Redbridge International Academy was awarded the “Best Institutional Architecture Award – BERG, Singapore” in June 2015.