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"To mould independent, thoughtful, and compassionate individuals who will play a positive and responsible role in contributing to the progress of the country in the changing global environment".

The school aims at planting the seeds of knowledge, nurturing values and educating children through the implementation of best practices adopted from around the world.


"To create and nurture a learning culture that believes in change through education".

Through change in education we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children – be it through a discovery of self, the life cycle of a honey bee, the principles of a flying machine or the speed and precision with which communication systems are established.

For us, this search is the beginning of a journey – of moving with the strengths of known educational principles and practices to the evolution of new teaching / learning strategies and of nurturing and sharing. We invite you to be a part of this journey - by learning with us, by contributing in thought and by sharing your learning experiences.

Welcome to the future of education!


In an age where learning is just a click away, there is still a huge void when it comes to quality education. Redbridge International Academy is an institution that strives to be a learning centre unlike any other. Redbridge brings together those eager to learn with those wishing to inspire learning in a world-class setting.

Incorporating various teaching methodologies like differentiated instruction, the interdisciplinary approach, and inquiry based learning, the thematic approach and multiple intelligences among others, Redbridges’ integrated curriculum and faculty bridge the knowledge gap by facilitating students to discover the true joys of learning to reach their potential. Our single-minded mission is to create well-informed, well-rounded world citizens who will strive to "Stride Ahead and Reach Beyond"!

Built on a foundation of Trust, Love, Joy, Listening and Caring for each child, Redbridge is committed to providing much more than mere information and skills acquired through compartmentalized syllabi. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. At Redbridge International Academy, the child and the adult are both learners.

At Redbridge, We let the Childrem Dream… And we light the way, while being rooted in values